Old devices? We want them!

Whether your Chromebooks are AUE or your district is refreshing into new devices, we want to buy your used devices.

Quick & Easy Buyback Process

Phase 1

Quoting & Approval

  • Request a written quote.
  • We’ll send a written quote, which will require your approval.
  • After approval, purchase order issued

Phase 2

Ship Devices

  • Pack devices with provided packing materials.
  • We schedule the pickup once you notify us that devices are packed.

Phase 3

In-House Evaluation

  • Our trained techs fully evaluate each unit.
  • No deductions for missing A/Cs or engravings.

Maximize Your Payout
with Our Credit Option

Earn 10% more when you choose our credit option, which can be used to purchased parts and other services. Plus, you keep precious funds in your technology budget. Win-win.

Spare Parts


New parts laying around? Let us know. We buyback spare new parts, too. Minimum quantity of 20 per part.

Chromebook LCD

Chromebook Grading Scale

A Grade

Device is fully functional condition, like new. No visible scratching, blemishes, dents on any parts of
the machines. Minimal wear on Plastics, no broken parts.

B Grade

Device is fully functional condition, with minimal scratches/wear on the plastics, minimal screen
scratches. Minimal scratches/wear on the keyboards, no missing keys, minimal scratching/wear on the
plastics, no broken parts.

C Grade

Device is fully functional condition, with visible wear and scratches on the screen. Visible wear and
scratching on the keyboard. Moderate to heavy scratching on plastics, no missing keys, no broken
plastics or parts.

Not Fully Functional

Device is not fully functional, unable to be used as whole unit without repairs. Severe cosmetic damage
to screen and plastics. One or more broken parts, missing keys, motherboard is non-functional,
enrolled/locked, nonfunctional or broken ports, headphone jacks, DC jack, hinges etc. Nonfunctional
Screen or Keyboard, Bad/Swollen Battery, Motherboard Corrosion.

More benefits:

  • Free shipping labels, packing materials, and boxes.
  • Full compliance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines. Data privacy certificates issued upon buyback completion.
  • Responsible e-waste practices.
  • No deductions for missing ACs or engravings.

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