Complete lifecycle management for your K-12 Chromebooks


Equipping your team to perform repairs in-house—the most cost-effective solution for your school.

How do we do this?

With a comprehensive library of repair videos. Over 200 videos are available on YouTube and Google Drive to guide you through your in-house repairs.


We have everything you’ll ever need for your K-12 Chromebooks.

How do we do this?

By housing 500,000 OEM or equivalent new and recertified Chromebook parts.


A simple exchange: your district’s used AUE/EOL K-12 devices for a cash or credit payout.

How do we do this?

No-hassle three-step process:

    1. Request quote
    2. Ship devices
    3. Get paid

Our Mission

We understand the challenges schools face when it comes to technology. We strive to lessen technology downtimes and keep expenses within budget. We empower in-house repairs by providing Chromebook parts, educational resources, and software. By partnering with us, you can focus on educating your students.

We know Chromebooks inside & out.

Browse our inventory of new and recertified parts for all major brands!

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They will lose their A/C adapters, never to be found again, like all the lost socks of the world (seriously where do those go?!) We’re here to help you get through it all. To make you the one that can sweep in and save the day. Are students losing their A/Cs en masse? No problem. You have extra to spare!

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Not sure what you need? Check out our blog to transform your space to crank out those inevitable repairs like a pro.


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Tech-tastrophes left and right? We want to help make you the superhero of your school. Learn how our services can help you clear the biggest 1:1 hurdles.

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Kind Words

Turnaround time on parts quotes, a fast purchasing process, and even faster shipping are all reasons I continue to work with AGParts. Adam and AGParts have helped us keep our Chromebooks outfitted with chargers when the pandemic required us to pivot to distance learning at a moment’s notice. He also helps to make sure we have parts readily available for our Chromebook repair program at the high school which repairs close to ten different Chromebook models at any given time. I can’t recommend them enough.

12,100 Students • 20,000 Devices

Dawn S.

TSI Teacher, OK

Our District has been purchasing Chromebook parts from AGParts since the Chromebook device model first entered the public school market in 2013. Their customer service, part availability, and competitive pricing have kept us loyal customers throughout these years. As the Chromebook market has expanded, so has our experience, leading us to rely on companies that keep up with the changes in the industry to provide us with parts, repairs, and service needs. Our Sales Executive Ken Wiltz has been consistent and reliable and a key asset in helping us navigate the ever-changing Chromebook world.

11,00 Students • 7,500 Devices

Isis O.

Administrative Assistant, CA

With the onset of Covid, we had to roll out many more Chromebook devices to students than would normally be done. Of course, the more devices travel, they become subject to hinge wear, screen cracks, keyboard issues, etc. AGP has, without fail, been able to meet our parts needs in a timely manner so we can turn the repaired devices back in a timely manner. We can turn around approximately 300 units a week, which would not have been possible without the support of AGP, and, by performing the repairs in-house, we are saving a lot of public $ which, as a school district, is incredibly important as we want the bulk of our funds to be spent in the classroom for student education. The AGP team is supportive and responsive—two things that make for a great partnership.

38,500 Students • 51,000 Devices

Brenda M.

Accounting/Purchasing, TX

When our school district started a 1:1 Chromebook initiative, we knew we wanted to repair devices ourselves and avoid costly and time-consuming insurance plans. We have a student-led internship program where our students repair Chromebooks for the district. AGParts Education made this opportunity come true for our district and students. AGParts consistently has our parts available and at an affordable, fair price. Our sales rep, Ken, is quite helpful and the company communicates frequently about their latest initiatives and what parts are in stock. Our district is glad to partner with AGParts Education!

3,600 Students • 1,200 Devices

Matt S.

Technology Supervisor, NJ

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