5 New Strategies for Digital Content

Using digital content can save teachers time and bring real-world relevance to classrooms.  Following are five new strategies educators at any level can use to more effectively use digital content to jumpstart classroom learning.

Try to discover and implement one new instructional strategy per week to grow your teacher toolbox. With so many requirements of teachers, professional learning can sometimes take a back seat. Practical professional learning can be as easy as trying one new idea for sparking conversations, jumpstarting writing, and exploring concepts. One of my favorite strategies, Snowball Fight, asks students to write and reflect on what they learn at intentional pause-points in a video.

Offer students shared learning experiences through virtual field trips that take your students outside of your classroom walls. Speaking of snow, one of my favorite times of the year is when I travel to Churchill, Manitoba for the annual polar bear migration. Each fall, students come along on our journey to virtually to ask questions of scientists, observe polar bears in their native habitat, and learn how the tundra is connected to their homes

Enable students to remix content and apply what they learn in a digital medium. Content creation and collaboration spaces empower students and teachers to design, build, and share content in creative ways. With high quality content creation tools, students can create a concept map, organize a digital portfolio…

Connect with other educators to learn practical ideas for digital content integration. Whether in-person or online, professional learning networks (PLNs) continue to provide a safe place for educators to collaborate and continue learning. Through our surveys, we continue to hear that educators want to share resources and connect with other like-minded educators.

Pair high-quality content with effective instructional strategies for instantaneous engagement. I continue to hear how teacher exemplars save planning time and provide thought-starters for content integration and engagement. A great example is grab-and-go lesson activities that can be modified or assigned to students as-is. Covering all grade levels and subject areas, resources like this are practical and flexible.

The  information for this post was taken from an article by Kyle Schutt in eSchool News, follow this link for the complete article and more details.