5 Important Tasks for G Suite Administrators

Review your organization’s G Suite settings to ensure they reflect school/company user, device, and app needs. G Suite administrators handle all sorts of routine tasks, including: Add accounts and allow new devices to connect when people join an organization, authorize apps for additional solutions, and make adjustments when people leave, devices rotate out of use, or the need for apps ceases.

1. How to review the list of user accounts 

Review the list of user accounts to ensure that active accounts correspond to the set of people who should have them. To do this in the G Suite Admin console, select Users, and review the list of accounts. To suspend and/or delete any accounts not needed, place your cursor in the row of the account you wish to adjust, select More, then Suspend. Do not select Delete if you may need to preserve any data from that account.

2. How to review G Suite devices

A review of G Suite devices allows you to remove any that don’t need access to organizational data. From the Admin console, select Devices, then Mobile Devices to view a list of Android and Apple devices and associated user accounts. You can sort the list by Last Sync to easily identify older devices no longer in use.

3. How to review G Suite apps 

Review G Suite apps, Additional Google Services, Marketplace Apps, and any apps linked via SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) to identify any that are no longer needed. Choose Apps from the Admin home screen, then explore each app group.

4. How to review settings for each G Suite app

Review settings for each app to ensure the configuration meets your organization’s needs. New app features sometimes offer new app settings, so adjust them for each of the app groups:

5. How to address Google’s announced changes 

Sometimes, Google makes changes that may require action from G Suite administrators, account holders, or both.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Andy Wolber in TechRepublic, follow this link for the complete article and more details.