How to Prevent ESD During Device Repair: Minimizing Impact to K-12 Programs

How to Prevent ESD During Device Repair: Minimizing Impact to K-12 Programs

We’ve all felt it before—the zing that comes from being shocked by a random object. What we often refer to as static electricity is electrostatic discharge (ESD). While ESD is mostly harmless when we experience it, it can affect tech like K-12 devices leading to product defects and unsafe conditions. This could be especially detrimental in the K-12 device environment with limited excess inventory and the need for fast repair turnaround. Today, we’ll discuss how to prevent ESD during K-12 device repair.


What is ESD?

ESD occurs when an electric discharge builds up and is transferred to another object. It can be accompanied by a visible spark and a popping sound.


How to Prevent ESD in K-12 Devices

The best way to prevent ESD is to create ESD-safe areas by taking precautions or using ESD-safe or anti-static materials. This can be done in multiple ways.


Check Your Space

As ESD affects K-12 devices during the repair process, evaluating your repair space is important. Where does your school perform its repairs? If possible, choose a room with linoleum or tile flooring over carpeting.


Take Appropriate Grounding Precautions

Grounding directs excess energy to the ground via a wire, dissipating any residual static electricity.

  • Grounding your work area, including tables and chairs, is a great way to prevent static discharge from damaging your devices.
  • You can also ground yourself using an anti-static wrist strap and silicone mat to reduce any static electricity.
silicone mat and anti-static wrist strap

Silicone mat and anti-static wrist strap


Be Careful During Dry Seasons

Whether it’s winter or your district is in a drier climate, be careful when conditions are dry.

  • You don’t have to measure the humidity levels precisely—your own body can be a good indicator of dryness.
  • To mitigate static discharge, use an anti-static wrist strap to reduce static electricity.



AGParts Education can help your district prevent ESD with anti-static wrist straps and silicone mats. To get started, contact us today!


Chromebook Repair: What You Need for In-House Repairs

Chromebook Repair: What You Need for In-House Repairs

The popularity of Chromebooks is undeniable, especially in schools. Inexpensive and lightweight, they make for ideal student devices. But what happens when these devices breakdown? Today, we’ll cover exactly what is needed for in-house Chromebook repair.


Why In-House Repairs?

This is probably your first question when considering in-house Chromebook repair: why? There are three main reasons to consider:

  • Ease of repair: Since parts of a Chromebook are few, repairs are generally easy and straightforward. This makes Chromebook repairs ideal to perform in house.
  • Cost savings: In-house repairs save money as you will only need to pay for the cost of parts, rather than the cost of labor and parts.
  • Time savings: Get your devices back into your students’ hands faster with in-house repairs.


What You Need for In-House Repairs

Before you get started, be sure to have the following lined up and ready to go.



Any successful in-house repair starts with thorough and reliable instructions. That’s where we come in. We’ve built a repair video library of 250 plus repair videos for 50 plus popular Chromebook models, available on YouTube and Google Drive. Each model includes four repairs: motherboard, battery, LCD, and palm rest replacements. Performed by an experienced technician with guided voiceover, these videos are essential for any repair.



Your district will need a set of standard tools to perform any Chromebook repair. You can find everything you need in our complete Chromebook Repair Tool Kit.

  • Spudger or Pry Tool: Essential to any Chromebook repair, a spudger or pry tool safely separates pressure-fit plastic components without damage.
  • Manual Screwdriver: Most repairs will require a #0 Philips manual screwdriver.
  • Static Mat: An electrostatic discharge mat protects your devices, and the repairer, from any electrostatic discharge common to electronics.
  • Anti-Shock/Anti-Static Wrist Strap: Also referred to as a grounding bracelet, these wrist straps attach to your static mat and protect your devices and repairers against static electricity.


Replacement Parts

Oftentimes Chromebook repairs require replacing a part like a battery as opposed to fixing a component. The most important thing to consider when securing a Chromebook parts supplier is the quality of parts. It cannot be overstated how important purchasing authentic OEM or equivalent Chromebook parts is. Generic, counterfeit parts are not only bound to fail but they pose a serious safety risk to staff and students as they are made with substandard components. Since counterfeits can be tough to spot, the only way to ensure that your district receives authentic parts is to purchase parts from a reliable Chromebook parts supplier only, like AGParts Education.



Encounter an issue during an in-house repair? Be sure to have a team you can trust on standby. Our dedicated sales executives can connect you with our knowledgeable tech team to assist with any questions or issues regarding repairs.


How to Set Up a Successful In-House Repairs Program

How can your district set itself up for long-term success? Here are some ideas:


Assign a Dedicated Team for Repairs

Whether it is a team of one or 10, assign specific staff members to handle repairs. These in-house techs will accrue the most experience in repair and reduce the chance of device damage and repair failure. Having a dedicated repair team also ensures consistency in repair. Since Chromebook repairs are generally straightforward with reliable instructions, it doesn’t have to be electronics wizard.

It could be that you don’t have the available staff or bandwidth to take this on in house. If financially feasible, consider hiring a part-time staff member that serves as the dedicated repair technician.


Involve Students

A creative way to perform in-house repairs is by involving your students. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about electronics and what it takes to maintain them. You can create an elective class or an after-school club that focuses on device repair. An added benefit of involving students is creating student ambassadors—students sensitive to how devices are handled and used.


However your district chooses to perform their repairs, AGParts Education is here for all of your Chromebook repair needs. Contact us for more information.

What Your School Needs for a Chromebook Repair Tool Kit

What Your School Needs for a Chromebook Repair Tool Kit

Ready or not, back to school is here. Soon, tech-tastrophes will descend upon many a technology department. As more schools opt for in-house repairs through dedicated IT departments or student-led electives, preparing your workspace with a Chromebook repair tool kit is essential.

Today, we’ll outline everything your school needs to be ready to replace “oh-no” with “oh yes!” (Spoiler alert: it’s more than your standard screwdriver and pry tool). Before we dive in, let’s review why more schools choose in-house repairs.


Why In-House Repairs?

A popular choice amongst 1:1 Chromebook deployments, in-house repairs offer these benefits:

  • Ease of repair: Since parts of a Chromebook are few, repairs are generally straightforward, making repairs ideal to perform in-house.
  • Cost savings: Only pay for parts rather than labor and parts.
  • Time savings: Get your devices back into your students’ hands faster.


Chromebook Repair Tool Kit Essentials

Here’s everything you need for a Chromebook repair tool kit to handle in-house repairs like a pro. You can grab our entire repair kit here.

5-Piece Chromebook Repair Tool Kit

Anti-Static Accessories

Anti-static accessories include an anti-static mat and an anti-static wrist strap. These accessories provide grounding and prevent static electricity discharge that can damage a unit’s motherboard. While they’re essential when handling motherboards, it’s highly recommended to incorporate these tools into your regular repair routine.

Anti-static wrist strap


Einstein famously quipped: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

While it’s a great question to ponder, let’s agree the best workstation is organized, especially regarding Chromebook repairs. Work mats with organizers or containers can help you keep screws and components separated as needed. Bonus points if organizers are magnetic.

Incorporate a work mat with organizers but keep your motherboards protected by using it in conjunction with anti-static accessories.

Did you know? In a pinch or under tight budgets, you can use clean lids from food containers as quick, inexpensive organizers.

Silicone repair work mat


A good tool set is worth its weight in gold when performing Chromebook repairs. Here are the staples you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver set – pick one with a magnetized head and changeable bits
  • Spudgers/pry tools – a mix of metal and plastic preferred
  • Tweezers

Other items that could be helpful are a carrying bag, eject pin, and ruler. Good thing our universal tool kit includes everything you’ll need for your in-house repairs.

78-Piece Universal Tool Kit


Easily overlooked leaving you in the dark, appropriate lighting will make seeing those teeny tiny screws and handling components so much easier. Shoot for LED lighting that can easily be moved, like our Flexible USB LED Light with Desk Clamp.

Flexible USB LED light with desk clamp


Let’s face it, back to school can be filled with tech-tastrophes 😱 We’re here to make sure you can conquer anything that comes your way. We’ll help you minimize downtime and stay within budget with our large inventory of Chromebook parts, buyback services, and more. Contact us today!



Cost-Effective Ways to Manage Your 1:1 Chromebook Deployment

Cost-Effective Ways to Manage Your 1:1 Chromebook Deployment

Chromebooks are the most popular K-12 device used in schools today. They are affordable and easy to manage. As students use the devices, accidents are bound to happen. What will your school do when your Chromebooks need repaired?

Determining the most cost-effective solution to managing your 1:1 Chromebook deployment can be challenging. There are two ways to manage your repairs. We’ll explore both options below.


Option 1: In-House Repairs

Performing in-house repairs is a cost-effective and timely solution for many districts. Since there are few moving parts In a Chromebook, repairs are generally simple. There is no time lost in shipping devices or waiting for devices to return after repair. Repair turnaround is controlled by your bandwidth.

Don’t have the tech team necessary to perform in-house repairs? Leverage your student’s interest and skill with a Chromebook Repair Program.

If your district chooses in-house repairs, you’ll need Chromebook tutorials, tools, and support in case issues arise. Most importantly, you need a partner you can trust for replacement Chromebook parts. When considering a parts partner, keep the following in mind:


Quality of Parts

Where your school sources parts from matters. There is reason why OEMs (Acer, HP, Lenovo, etc.) do not sell generic or counterfeit parts. It’s the same reason why we don’t.

Generic and counterfeit parts may seem like a great deal, but they could be more than you bargain for. Made with substandard components, these parts have a higher likelihood of failure. Even worse, they pose a serious safety risk to your students and staff. Due to their faulty manufacturing and substandard components, they are a fire hazard.

Choose OEM or equivalent parts and UL-certified adapters. You can still save money on these parts by purchasing recertified parts.

A vendor putting their name on a part still doesn’t guarantee the parts are authentic. The only way to guarantee a part is authentic is to purchase parts from a supplier that only supplies authentic parts like AGParts Education. All parts are inspected and tested to verify their authenticity.


Availability & Lead Time

With shortages pervasive in every industry, Chromebook parts are no different. Unfortunately, there are parts suppliers that will overpromise and underdeliver. They promise your part is in stock but intentionally send you another part to buy time until your part does come in.

We’re not going to pretend we’ve been impervious to these shortages, but our global resources have allowed us to fulfill our school partners’ needs often. You never have to worry about any bait and switch. It goes against everything we stand for. If your part isn’t in stock, we’re going to tell you. And we’ll tell you when it becomes available as well.

With in-stock parts, expect your order to ship the same day.


Warranty & Returns

All parts are backed by our industry-leading one-year or limited-lifetime warranty. Just another way that we stand behind all our parts and products. So, kiss 90-day warranties goodbye. Say hello to a one-year parts warranty on adapters, batteries, and motherboards, and a limited-lifetime warranty on all other parts.

Order parts from us your school no longer needs? We don’t want your district to be stuck with unnecessary parts—send them back to us! We offer an extended return policy. In the spirit of partnership, we don’t apply restocking fees to these returns.


Option 2: Accidental Damage Protection

Safeguarding your Chromebook investment with an accidental damage protection like AGiProtect is another cost-effective way to manage Chromebook repairs. Powered by our sister company, AGiRepair, AGiProtect is a complete accidental damage protection plan for K-12 devices.

Unlike other ADP plans, AGiProtect is a one-time fixed cost with no hidden fees and unlimited repairs. There is no deductible to meet or repair fees. Not only that, but the same company that supplies your protection plan also performs your repairs. Often, companies will outsource repairs to a third party. With AGiProtect, all repairs are performed at a state-of-the-art facility by AGiRepair’s team of highly trained technicians. All parts are provided by AGParts Worldwide, our parent company.


From Chromebook parts to tech buyback, AGParts Education can help simplify your 1:1 Chromebook deployment. Supporting over 7,500 U.S. school districts, find out how we can help your district. Contact us today!



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