5 Ways to Focus on Student Success in a Pandemic

Whether instruction is online or in person, the goal is to help increase student success.  The coronavirus outbreak and the resulting social distancing has led hundreds of schools and universities to move their instruction online. For students and educators who are comfortable with in-person learning and instruction, this rush to online education may be overwhelming. Fortunately, we live in a digital era where both students and educators are familiar with digital tools.

1. Find ways to be interactive

In a normal classroom setting students and educators are able to interact seamlessly, asking questions and promoting discussion. Nothing says you can’t do the same in an online learning environment through the use of digital tools like online forums, web chats, and social channels.

2. Create easy access to education resources

Many digital tools exist to help educators deliver instruction and resources and collect assignments. Whether it’s a learning management system or a free solution like Google Education/Classroom.

3. Be flexible

In this time of disruption and new “normal,” remember to be flexible. Figuring out how to utilize unfamiliar digital tools may require a learning curve, and adjusting to other aspects of life converging with school may be difficult at times.  Set deadlines, but remain flexible, because flexibility is key in an online learning environment.

4. Be sensitive and accommodating

When students and educators are outside of the traditional classroom, it can be easy to forget that people are in different personal environments. Even though we are in the digital age, it can’t be assumed that everyone has easy access to reliable internet.  As educators rush to create digital learning environments, keep notice of who is engaging in the online environments. If a student is missing, try reaching out to them.

5. Wait to test

With so much uncertainty and stress, this is not the best time to get an accurate assessment of your students’ knowledge or ability. The best option may be to postpone testing as long as possible. If it becomes necessary to administer exams, it should be of comfort to know that online proctoring is well-established, reliable and easy to implement. Established providers are ready and eager to help.

The information for this post was taken from an article by Debbie Fowler in eSchool News, follow this link for the complete article and more details.